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Middle School & Teen

Older children, 13-18 years old, need a place all their own, so CYS hosts Middle School/Teen Centers just for them. The purpose of Middle School/Teen Center is to promote positive youth development by helping young people develop the skills they will need to become successful and contributing members of their society.

MS/T provides programs that focus on four core services areas: Sports & Fitness; Arts, Recreation & Leisure; Life Skills, Leadership & Citizenship; and Mentoring, Intervention & Support Services. These core services emphasize that youth are encouraged to develop a variety of skills, which include teamwork, creativity, self-discipline, decision making, problem-solving, respect, responsible citizenship, conflict resolution, managing feelings, academic achievement, and empathy. Taken together, the four core service areas can be thought of as the road map to a destination of positive youth development. It is important to remember that they are only a map -- they are not program in and of themselves.

There are two MS/T facilities. One in Yongsan and one in Hannam Village.



Please click here for  Yongsan CYSS upcoming events including monthly program information or click here for Yongsan CYSS Facebook  for more detail.


If you have any questions or comments about Yongsan or Hannam Village MS/T, contact the director at each center.

Office: BLDG #4215, Monday-Saturday at 1400 (1300 on Saturday/No school days) - 2000 (2100 on Friday/Saturday)
Phone Number: DSN 738-2310
E-mail: gs