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The Youth Services (Grade 6/7 - 12) program is offered as a supplement to, not a substitute for, the family as the primary agent for the care and development of the young adult.  The Youth Center offers various planned activities that are intended to provide age appropriate, supervised activities for the family members of active duty military
and DOD civilian sponsors who are in grades 6/7 - 12.

The program offers closely monitored activities and programs that are designed to meet the needs of every youth. 
Daily activities are designed to foster and develop physical, cognitive, social, and emotional capabilities regardless
of the age group.  The program is staffed with professional management personnel, trained program assistants,
administrative, and support personnel.

Operation Hours

  • 1430-1900   Monday – Thursday for After School
  • 1300-1900   School Out Days
  • 1300-2200   Friday & Saturday
  • Closed         Sunday & US Holidays

We are committed to providing high quality, comprehensive
programs for the youth of the Daegu community and will do all
we can to deliver this service to you and your family.  Our staff is always available
to provide support and will be happy to assist in any way that we can.

Youth Center Summer Information

Paintball/Survival Game                              Free        1300-1900, 21 Jun
Fantasy Lotte World Adventure                   $20         830-2100, 23 Jun
Busan Aquarium                                          Free        1300-2000, 28 Jun
Everland                                                      $20         830-2100, 30 Jun
Pottery Workshop @Suseong Resort           Free        1400-1800, 5 Jul
Suncheon gardens/ bay park                       $20         830-2000, 7 Jul
Candle & Soap making trip                         Free        1400-1800, 12 Jul
Caribbean bay water park                           $20         830-2100, 14 Jul
E-World trip                                                  Free        1300-1830, 19 Jul
Fun Fun Mud Festival                                  $20         830-2000, 21 Jul
Wet N' Wild Water Rafting                           Free        1300-2030, 26 Jul
Yongsan/Itaewon shopping                         $20         830-2100, 28 Jul
POSCO Tour                                                Free        1300-1830, 2 Aug
Hand/Net Fishing Festival                           $20         830-2000, 4 Aug
Donghwa Temple/Cable Car Tour               Free        1330-1830, 16 Aug
California Beach Water Park                       $20         830-2000, 18 Aug
National Daegu Science Museum               Free        1300-1830, 23 Aug
Korean Folk Village                                     $20         830-2100, 25 Aug

Youth Bagging Opportunities!

To be eligible you must:

Be 15 to 18 years old (14 year old can bag ONLY if they are enrolled in HIGH SCHOOL)

Be a current Youth Center Member

Attend bagger orientaitons and comply with the Baggers Agreement

Middle School 8th graders will only be allow to bag at the end of their 8th grade school year.


Money Matters Workshop (Youth Center)

The Money Matters Workshops can give you the tools you need to make the right choices in planning for Clollege; Budget living within your means; Credit/Debt; Saving & Investing; and Entrepreneurship.  Stop by the Youth Center to sign up for these informational workshops that lead to BGCA Money matters Scholarships. 

Must have an active CYS Services Membership to participate (ages 13-18 years)

Camp Walker building #252
Phone Number: DSN 764-5720/5721
If you would like your child to be matched with a sponsor, click here

Youth Services